Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

I had a pretty excellent weekend. Basically surfed all weekend. On Saturday, went to Karatsu with 中村先生, who I am finding out, is one of the baddest dudes on the Kyushuu surf scene. He always longboards, (if you look at the picture above, you can see him practicing his steps), but he's well known for his short board prowess. We surfed for like 7 hours, then went home, had Keoki come out, and got some drinks.

This is what your hand looks like after you run into a bushcovered wall with your bike after drinking plenty beers.
Went surf again on Monday with 山口, (I had Daikyuu), was alright. Didn't spend so much money, which was good, considering the amount of fun I had.

Let's get this week started.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Look Closely

I know I quote his books too much, but I really enjoyed them and he has another point that I want to show. From Malcolm Gladwell's book 'The Tipping Point', there's a chapter that I recall from time to time, (which also happens to be online, it, it's good), about a man who could tell things about people from just their faces. I try to do this, but don't know what to do with the results I get. (Add this to the list of strange abilities I want to have - juggle, backflip, sign language, and lip reading are the ones I've got on there now.) Either way, there are a couple of instances in which I wish I had that man's gift.

First, at an interview, Lance Armstrong gets at a reporter. There's backstory to this, but Lance just goes at the dude. It was a stupid comment, to be sure, but, I wish I could have that ability to know for sure, for absolutely sure, that Lance never doped.

And of course, this one. Watch his face.

This one, too.

What about this guy? Is he lying? Watch his face, and gestures. He seems like he's telling the truth to me.

I do this a lot, with just people I know or meet, just watch their face as they talk. Try it sometime, see what you can figure out.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Living...and Laziness

has prevented me from updating as much as I want to. I'm trying to keep on top of everything, so blog time hasn't really been available. Either way, I'm back.

Since I've built my surf rack, I've gone surf twice. Both times have been excellent. I don't know if it's the time it takes to get out there (35 minutes), or the preparation it takes (wetsuit, booties, hot water bottle, change of clothes, bungee cords, snack, water, backpack), but I'm literally sprinting to the water once I get there. So, yesterday, after school, I got a little hour and change session in before the sun went down. It was awesome - not one person in the water, nice short right hand wedges, head high sets. Very fun. Here's some pics of the changing after (in 45 degree weather).

So yeah, let's get back into it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Keiichi's Fight Pics

(Courtesty of Stephen Loh)

How sick is this? First round TKO...look at the last picture. He's not even sweating!

Universal Compatability!

Jack Black, killing.

I can listen to this dude talk nonsense all day. He's done some dumb stuff, but him just hanging out, talking, I can listen to that all day.

That got me thinking about guys that hurt me like that. Here's a short list.

Bill Murray

(Can't describe it...He's just the funniest dude to me.)


(Me and my brother watched this whole special on comedy central when it first came out...and were crying. Literally, crying.)

Dave Chappelle

(He's survived the 'every one knows him so I can't think he's cool' test. With ease. Two favorite scenes...1:02 - 1:07 It's greeen, and 1:36 - 1:40 That is drink.)

Da Braddahs

(I'm surprised at the lack of videos there are of these guys.)

My dad.

(No videos.)

Bruce Bruce

(He just owns.)

That's it. For now.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Older Brothers

Nick always knew to be cool to my friends, just in case.

(For some reason, I can't put the actual video on here. Damn it.)

(UPDATE: Got it.)