Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mongolian Studs

The other night, a couple of friends and I hit up a Mongolian restaurant. The story, in pictures.

Where the trouble started.

The first level.

Mongolian, (probably not actually).

Level two. Points of interest: And1 shorts rolled up, ridiculous headonly tan. And, I don't know how Brent got that last shot.

My dad would be pissed...I let him get the wrist angle. Lost.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bored at Work: Wow

Stole this from Truehoop today, but man, how nuts is this?! My measurement was 7 inches. Try yours.

Satoshi's Wedding

This past Saturday, a good friend of mine, 聡 (Satoshi), got married to his long time girlfriend, ゆき (Yuki, don't know her kanji). I know Satoshi from my basketball team, the G Suns. He's the resident big man on the team, and always throws nice outlet passes.

This also happened to be my first real Japanese wedding. I had been to a bunch of 二次会's (nijikai - wedding reception-type party) before, but I had never been close enough to the couple to actually be invited to the real thing. There's a lot of etiquette involved in a Japanese wedding's preparation (RSVP, special envelopes, real polite language), so I was kinda surprised to see the actual ceremony.

(On a side note: I had talked to my boy Nick Riley about this a while ago, but somewhere along the line, we had become Japanese snobs. In the sense that, when we came to Japan, we didn't know one Japanese phrase. To be honest, I am pretty proud of my Japanese, but I really shouldn't be critiquing other foreigners' Japanese, as there are other people who are ridiculously better than I am - Joel, Sean, Tim. But, when I hear someone say they are very good at it, and then proceed to be's like nails on a chalkboard. Really.)

The wedding had Western and Japanese elements to it, which was cool. What was interesting though, was the Japanese interpretation of the Western style wedding. In the chapel, there was an American pastor, who was doing the service in Japanese, which was pretty interesting. (See above.) What is lacked though, is the solemnity of a traditional wedding. The entire time cell phones were out, pictures being taken, conversations held. I was a little surprised, but, when in Rome.

After that, we moved on to the reception, which was awesome. Satoshi and Yuki were seated at the very front of a big ball room, with all the guests seated by affiliation. (I was with the ballers.) There were slideshows, speeches, crying, and the team had a little routine set up. Our point guard, Ryuji, got a golden basketball and had all of the team members sign it. (I signed, we gotta protect the lane!). We lined up around the room, and passed it around to all the members until finally, it got to the front where Satoshi was sitting, and the captain of the team handed it to him, saying, 'For your special day, since you lost your balls, heres a golden ball.' It was awesome.

After that, we headed to the afterparty, from where things get a little blurry. A bunch of stuff went down, but these were the only things that I got pictures of. Good times.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brent's Week of Nonsense (and The Many Faces of Karaoke Clint)

Brent, hollering. Me, trying to hang on.

Brent, the ALT from the year before, came back to Fukuoka to see the graduations of the school's he was teaching at. He was hanging out at the spot for about a week, and literally everyday we did something. I, at various points during the week, literally felt myself getting fat. There aren't enough pics to document all that went down, but this is the general feel of it.


It was pretty much a week of drinking, laughing, and not sleeping. Great times.

3 on 3 Tournament

Morning of the tournament.

Ok, here we go. These two guys, Kenya and Masao, are on the team I play with every Wednesday, the really good team. They invited me to play in this open 3 on 3 tournament, where anyone can come out. I had been pretty tired cuz of Brent's prolonged stay in Fukuoka (more on that later), but had a decent tournament. We lost in the first round of the playoffs after going undefeated in pool play. Sucked. Here's some pics.

Here, after the tournament, I taught the guys these terms: Splash/Money/Milk (referring to jumpshots), and 'Get off me!'/'Get up!' (used when owning).

Got a lot to get up, so that's it for this. (This ramen was excellent by the way).

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Last time I had an extended absence, it was because I was lazy. This time, however, it was because I was ridiculously busy. Got a lot of stuff to blog about, so gonna put together some fat posts soon. Just not right now. We've got spring break right now, so I'll have a lot of time to put stuff up, but right now, I'm off to basketball practice. I'll be back soon.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fighting Through...

No one knows I didn't shave this morning.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weekend Update

This is what was on my desk after the long 3 day weekend. 中田先生 is nuts.

Hiroto and Yuki's Wedding Afterparty

Just an awesome couple to hang out with, really complement each other. Both are really good looking too. Small kine jealous...nah nah nah.

Things started off ok, small kine blurry.

Me lookin' at me.

What I ended up taking pictures of. I think she's taking a shot. Or cake.


(Pics to come.)

This was the first group of kids that I had ever seen all the way to graduation. Usually, our graduations are pretty good, but this year's one was unbelievably good. Probably a quarter of the kids were crying their eyes out. I was hugging like crazy. Almost popped a tear out when the basketball team captain came by. He was already buss before he got to me, but when he saw me, he wailed, 'クリントン, ヤッだ!'. I had a heave in the chest, watery eyes (think of when Mufasa died), but was able to hold it together. Good day.

Graduation Nomikai

That cake in the picture was crazy delicious. Had a really good nomikai, and then went on the after party, then the after after party. Two of the senseis that had their kids graduate I had known since I first came to Japan, so we had a good time drinking and talking.

Monday (代休 - Day off)

Sleep. And clean.

All in all, two nights, a combined 3 hours of sleep. Still recovering now.

And just for fun -

He's doing well.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Taste of the Japanese Sushi Restaurant Experience

I'd write more on this, but I don't really have time. Just check out the people's reactions.