Monday, November 23, 2009

Almost December

It's cold. Our school has decreed that we cannot use the heaters at school until the 1st of December. I can't find my gloves. In order to keep my fingers warm, I blog.

Things are a little busier than usual over here nowadays, a lot of things going on at once. I'm keeping up, but I can't wait to have things settle down a little, get my bearings.

That's all for now. Write more soon.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lazy Summer: Tim's Gone, Bebz Too

It's hard to get up and get out when it's hot and sticky like it is these days. On Saturday, I made an attempt, here's what happened.

My girlfriend, Lauren, is currently in China, working at various English intensive summer camps. That means, that she is not here, and that is terrible. We talk a lot, but it's not the same.


My friend, Masaki san, called and woke me up in the morning, asking if I wanted to go and surf. I said sure, but knowing what the surf report was saying I wasn't too excited about the session. We went to his house, where this good looking guy was waiting for us.

Here's Masaki san, by the way.

Went into his house and cruised while he changed. I remember him telling me that he and his wife had just found out that she was pregnant. I look on the wall, and noticed these clothes.

Me: You guys work fast huh? Baby clothes already?!
Masaki san: No. Dog wear. (Points down.)

We ended up looking for surf for about 30 minutes, before finally settling on this spot.

The sets.

That evening was the last time I would have to cruise with Tim, who is moving to Osaka to live with his girlfriend this month. Great times, I'll miss you dude.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bugs and Flowers

Got a new camera, took some pictures. Don't laugh.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rainy Season

Every summer, Japan has a wet, rainy season. It is hitting especially hard this year, and there hasn't been a nice clear day for a good week and a half now. This bad stretch of weather just happens to correspond with the leaving of my girlfriend to China, Lauren. (Sobs)

Here's a little squall coming through in the middle of my Japanese lesson with our exchange student. This happens often.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I've been slacking incredibly. Part of it has been being really busy this past month, part of it has been my laziness, but either way, I'm back. How many of these have I done? Not sure. Here's hoping this one sticks.

Random pictures and movies from the past month.

Top left: Our school baseball team made it to the top 8 in our prefecture, the first time we've ever gotten this far. The entire school came out in support.
Top right: The beginning of the game. We lost 6-5 on an error in the bottom of the ninth, two outs. One of the most exciting baseball games I've ever seen, for real.
Bottom left: Anything strange about this picture? I've been photoshopped into it!
Bottom right: Mexican food in Japan. It wasn't bad, kinda expensive.

Surf trip with the boys to Shikoku. Was excellent.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hungarian Candy

I'm teaching our Hungarian exchange student Japanese this semester, so we meet a couple of times a week. Today, she asked me if I would like to try some Hungarian candy. This was it.

I found this today too, from a little earlier this year. This is on our break time, where we taught each other some of our original languages. This is her saying, 'Ho brah, get all buss'. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Things going good recently. Kinda sleeping a lot. Got a couple of things coming up. Keoki's leaving pretty soon, so trying to go on a couple of surf trips with him, waves allowing. Still feeling the aftereffects of Nick's wedding, on a little bit of a natural high I guess you could say.

Grading papers today, I got a little bit of a surprise.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


happened. I felt guilty for a second, thinking I should be updating on this, and writing about that, but I didn't, and everything is now over. So, to catch everyone up, highlights from the past couple of weeks:
  • Yamaguchi surf trip - crazy fun, decent surf first day, crazy stormy and dangerous the next.
  • Hawaii - what can I say? Where I'm most at home. Definitely not enough time, trying to make a move out there again sometime soon.
  • Vegas - once in a lifetime.
I feel so much more, fulfilled I guess you could say, knowing everyone is still there, everyone is in good health. Life anew in Japan, and hopefully I can keep in much better touch with everyone. Got one more year left, so let's get nuts.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Recently, had a lot of stuff to do. Beginning of the new school year, so there is a lot of stuff going on. Meeting the new students, getting the curriculum together, ironing out everything.

Too much stuff has gone on recently that I could post on, so I'll talk about what is coming up. Next week, got the Yamaguchi surf trip with Steve and Keoki, pending swell. The week after that, my predecessor at this job, who everyone I've ever met has said is the coolest guy in the world, is gonna come to visit. The week after THAT, going to Hawaii. And the week after THAAAT, Las Vegas, for my brother's wedding. Gonna be awesome.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Have To

In my daydreams, my dunk would be like this. Sneak up on the dudes and hit 'em before they knew what was coming. Go ahead, Sasha, go ahead.

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Quick Rundown

Been real busy recently.

Seems like I'm gonna be busy until the summer time, with Nick's wedding and the Hawaii trip right before that, and right before that, the exploratory Yamaguchi surf trip with Keoki and Steve. Work is pretty exciting too, we have a Hungarian exchange student that's gonna be with us for an entire year, going to classes and living the Japanese life. She doesn't speak a word of Japanese though. No surf recently. Did have a basketball tournament though, we were humbled in the championship game. Here's some pics and quick captions/stories behind 'em.

Had our area basketball tournament the other day. Because we had won our C-level league at the last tournament, we were moved up to the B-level. First game we were lucky to pull the other weak team, and beat them. Then proceeded to get murdered in the championship. I got a lot of points, but all after the game had already been decided. (We started the game down 19-0!)

The pictures above are from the tournament after party. It was held at the team captain's house, Ryuuji. He has that keychain, and is unsheathing the sword up top.

These are from the other day. I had gotten off work early and wanted to check out the surf, even though I knew it was only going to be knee high. The second picture is me reacting to the light changing and missing the picture of the landscape I was about to take.

Slid up to Kokura this past weekend to get nots with the boys, and Ash. After talking trash about everything from OIA/BIF/ILH rivalries, if smoothies are gay or not, and my impregnable trump strategy, I got really drunk and passed out.This is the only picture I feel comfortable showing.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mongolian Studs

The other night, a couple of friends and I hit up a Mongolian restaurant. The story, in pictures.

Where the trouble started.

The first level.

Mongolian, (probably not actually).

Level two. Points of interest: And1 shorts rolled up, ridiculous headonly tan. And, I don't know how Brent got that last shot.

My dad would be pissed...I let him get the wrist angle. Lost.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bored at Work: Wow

Stole this from Truehoop today, but man, how nuts is this?! My measurement was 7 inches. Try yours.

Satoshi's Wedding

This past Saturday, a good friend of mine, 聡 (Satoshi), got married to his long time girlfriend, ゆき (Yuki, don't know her kanji). I know Satoshi from my basketball team, the G Suns. He's the resident big man on the team, and always throws nice outlet passes.

This also happened to be my first real Japanese wedding. I had been to a bunch of 二次会's (nijikai - wedding reception-type party) before, but I had never been close enough to the couple to actually be invited to the real thing. There's a lot of etiquette involved in a Japanese wedding's preparation (RSVP, special envelopes, real polite language), so I was kinda surprised to see the actual ceremony.

(On a side note: I had talked to my boy Nick Riley about this a while ago, but somewhere along the line, we had become Japanese snobs. In the sense that, when we came to Japan, we didn't know one Japanese phrase. To be honest, I am pretty proud of my Japanese, but I really shouldn't be critiquing other foreigners' Japanese, as there are other people who are ridiculously better than I am - Joel, Sean, Tim. But, when I hear someone say they are very good at it, and then proceed to be's like nails on a chalkboard. Really.)

The wedding had Western and Japanese elements to it, which was cool. What was interesting though, was the Japanese interpretation of the Western style wedding. In the chapel, there was an American pastor, who was doing the service in Japanese, which was pretty interesting. (See above.) What is lacked though, is the solemnity of a traditional wedding. The entire time cell phones were out, pictures being taken, conversations held. I was a little surprised, but, when in Rome.

After that, we moved on to the reception, which was awesome. Satoshi and Yuki were seated at the very front of a big ball room, with all the guests seated by affiliation. (I was with the ballers.) There were slideshows, speeches, crying, and the team had a little routine set up. Our point guard, Ryuji, got a golden basketball and had all of the team members sign it. (I signed, we gotta protect the lane!). We lined up around the room, and passed it around to all the members until finally, it got to the front where Satoshi was sitting, and the captain of the team handed it to him, saying, 'For your special day, since you lost your balls, heres a golden ball.' It was awesome.

After that, we headed to the afterparty, from where things get a little blurry. A bunch of stuff went down, but these were the only things that I got pictures of. Good times.